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Wednesday, 19 October 2011


I had one of those very uneventful days, which took a turn for the better. Woke up late this morning, no power supply (Groan!!!!!), rush around getting kids ready for school, serve breakfast, clean up the mess scattered all over the house, make beds, broom,.....Its a never ending list, the compilation of which is arduous in itself.
And home makers all over the world probably go through the same motions every day of their life. And if on any given day you choose to be a bit lax, all hell breaks loose, making you wonder, why you thought you could get away with a bit of laziness. That's one thing I envy all those maidens out there for. You don't want to make your bed, fine, no one's going to raise hell, except probably your mother, whose tantrum you are used to.
Ok, where was I? Ya, so the day passed without any dramatic events, except for the fact that there was still no power, but since we have an inverter, there was no excuse for keeping away from my office work. (I don't know if I've mentioned earlier, but I've recently quit my full time office work and now work from home. Unfortunately, other than the fact that I don't need to dress up for work, everything else seems unchanged.)
Kids got home by 4 in the evening, and after the playback of their entire day at school, bath, tea,.......(You know the continuation of the previous never ending list) they settle down for their studies. The inverter has reached its limit by now and starts beeping non stop. So I shut it off and there being no lights, my trio wander off to play, lighting scented candles all around the house. Its drizzling outside and dark inside, I should be feeling gloomy, but for some reason, sitting alone on my balcony, in pitch darkness, listening to the sounds of nature, the rain, frogs, insects and somewhere in the background, I hear my daughter practicing for her Indian Patriotic song competition, a song with a Hindustani classical touch. I got out a straw mat and lay there on the floor, with my eyes closed. Alas! The tranquility was lost with the restoration of power. 
I guess the word "Earth Hour" makes sense to me now. My energy levels already seem to have peaked and will see me through the week without feeling down. And plan on doing this more often. An escape from reality and all the mundane routine, into a serene world, even if only for an hour. 

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