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Sunday, 27 November 2011

Ingenious thoughts of a 3 year old

I've had this post in mind ever since I wrote the one about my better half's peculiar mannerisms.

Kids tend to ramble. But my youngest one used to go about it with such a serious outlook and so much maturity that a few of them are really worth sharing. Coming from a 3 year old, some of it is pretty heavy. I bet all moms have little gems like these stashed away.

Being a working mother, I often missed out on a lot of the baby talk, especially with my elder two. Regretting doesn't help, I know, but better late than never. I'd somehow managed to juggle my work timings to be available for them more. Sad to say that only the youngest one still needed me around by then. The other two had learned to survive without me. It was heart breaking, when you offered to do something, but found them more comfortable managing by themselves.

Its usually when I'm in the kitchen or folding up the laundry that my 3 year old sidles up, with never ending streams of questions or to share her concerns with me.

  • It was the month of Ramadan, and I was busy getting the Iftar organised. My 3 year old suddenly declares that "I want to be a Mummy when I grow up". I ask her, "Why?" and she tells me, "I want to cook lots of food like you and serve everybody". God! I didn't mind dying and going to heaven then. At least, someone was taking notice of my efforts in the kitchen.
  • Well after the above declaration, she went on in the same breathe, "But, if God makes me a Daddy when I grow up, (she goes on to mimic her father watching TV, a remote in hand, legs crossed over the coffee table) I'll be always watching news and if Daddy comes up asking whether he can watch cartoons or makes any noise at that time I'll tell him, "Chup!" (she puts her forefinger to the lips with a stern expression on her face). Its seems Mummy and Daddy will be kids when she grows up and she'll be taking care of us. Its going to take her a long long time to realise how right on target she is. :(
  • This happened just after my little one had started school. My husband usually fools around with the kids and pretends not to know anything and make them explain it to him. She was playing Teacher Student with her father, teaching him the English alphabets, A through E. He kept entertaining her by mixing it up, and got it right only after a dozen attempts. She gets exasperated and comes up to me, "Mumma, did Daddy really ever go to school? He doesn't know anything". She has been rigorously training her father ever since. He has to put up with dictations and tests on a regular basis and the "Eee Daddy kku onnum ariylla" remark (Daddy doesn't know anything). Poor man he's lost his self-esteem.
  •  This is the funniest. My brother got married in 2008. My trio keep watching the videos of the wedding and have kind of memorized the entire thing by now. He's pretty scared to visit me, since they torture him with the epic details of that video, especially the follies he's trying to put behind. One evening my brat suddenly exclaims,"When I get married, I won't kiss my husband". All of us are kind of stuck mid sentence at her revelation. We cautiously enquire, and discover the wisdom behind those words, "What if he doesn't brush his teeth properly" Now that had us all ROFL.
  • This one is about matrimony again. She had moved on to her UKG by then and was almost 5 years old. There was this boy named Elvin in her class, who also happened to be our neighbour. She gets off the school bus and right away asks me, "Can Elvin marry me?" My eyes kind of popped out, like it does on Tom & Jerry and I squeak out a "WHY?" "Well, his family knows ours and we know theirs too. We live close by so I'll always be near you and he says he likes me", came the prompt reply. How very practical these kids are. I wonder what she'll say when the time really comes.
I've kind of forgotten some of the things I wanted to write. I have to always draft just as the inspiration comes, otherwise I usually lose my flow. Sometimes I create a post and just jot down the points to elaborate and polish later. But when I sit to write I'd be having a different train of thought. Wish there was some technology which right away put my thoughts into an electronic form and posted it when I had gone over it completely in my mind. Its something like the conversation issue I'd mentioned before. Just having gone though the thought, blocks out the sting to tap away at my keyboard.

Friday, 18 November 2011


A few quirky facts about me :D

  1. I'm still a hardcore Tom & Jerry fan.
  2. Since I fight with my trio aged 12 to 6 for my share of chocolates and goodies, their father buys everything in 4's now. He claims I'm a 34 going on 4.
  3. I bawl shamelessly when I happen to watch atrocities on TV.
  4. I have a passion for drawing and photography.
  5. I have a phobia of frogs and lizards. If lizards were my enemies during my stay in the UAE, it is the former which is making life hell for me now.
  6. Music influences my mood very strongly. But when I'm feeling down they somehow tend to make me more sad.
  7. Silence and Solitude are my best friends. I prefer writing to speaking. During our honeymoon days, my hubby was perplexed by my uncanny ability to give answers with a bare minimum YES or NO wherever possible. But now he's finally realised that ingrained habits are hard to change.
  8. To avoid arguments I usually debate it out in my mind, thus saving the parties involved, especially me the dilemma of having to actually carry out one.
  9. I'm a night owl and can go without sleep for at least two days in a row. But I hate having to wake up in the early hours of the morning even if I've slept non stop for a week. (I really despise Mr. Atro Srcib for that early bird trait he has. I'll address him as Ascribe if he doesn't mind)
  10. I'm very very self conscious and its taking me a lot of effort to click that Publish button. But since I'm not face to face with anyone, I'm going ahead and doing it.


I've been fuming with frustration and pent up anger ever since I returned from the class arranged by the RTO Kalpetta, Wayanad. A class for driving students aimed at spreading awareness among drivers. ?????!!!!!

You'll must be wondering what my problem is? I'll enlighten you on how the whole affair was carried out and probably at least some of you will empathize with my sentiments.

The seminar was being conducted at the auditorium of a government school nearby, as part of a road safety campaign. I got there at the campus and the very sight of the structure made me want to puke. Shattered window glasses everywhere, surgical gloves and blood stained cotton swabs (probably left behind after some medical camp conducted there), disposable paper cups,. The inside of the auditorium was no better. The dust accumulation on the table seemed at least 3 inches thick and the above mentioned debris had found its way in there too. The place never seems to have seen soap or water or for that matter even a broom, since the day it was built. The only positive highlight in the entire charade of events was that, the officers arrived promptly and got the lecture started off on time.

The lecture itself was another big hoax and a pure waste of time. This guy goes on and on about the rules to be followed on roads that don't really exist in this part of the state, as though he lives in some other world. And somewhere during the talk he says that it takes only a minute to save the world if mankind joins hands. Now I really felt like throwing up. He never once said what we had to do if  on the center of the road there was a pothole, as big as a volcanic crater which could probably swallow up your entire car. 

I don't know if you city people will understand, but at least 70% of the roads down here are not wide enough for two way traffic. Forget all the bullshit like sign posts and road markings. 50% of the above said roads are filled with potholes almost as wide as the road. Like the epic Bollywood masalas, if we add the N number of ricks and two-wheelers to the above scenario we have almost all the necessary ingredients to cook up an accident. Since there are no footpaths or parking areas, people walk on the roads, cars are often parked on the very same roads too. Now the concoction is complete.

I really don't get it. What's the point in making people spent half a day to listen to crap. Nothing that he said works on the roads we have here. So, I don't understand how this talk was going to be helpful in reducing accidents. Everybody who went there just wanted a seal on their papers that they have attended the talk and the price we pay is sitting around in rubbish listening to even more rubbish for half a day.

I had a hot water bath when I got home. Scrubbed myself for an hour. My body feels clean, but my mind is still reeling from the way things turned out today. One big melodrama. My inability to contribute positively, to make some difference even though in a small small way, only increases my restlessness.

Tomorrow will be another day........

Monday, 14 November 2011

I want to write like crazy. I have cartloads to write too, but I am on the mend from a very bad infection and don't have the energy for much creativity.

Thought I'd share this article which I read recently.

Of Paper boats and Plastic dolls

So until next time, Ciao!!