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Sunday, 28 October 2012

Random Musings

Several friends who've come across my blog have been wondering why I haven't posted anything in such a long time. And since I'm not really inspired to write right now :( I'm going to post the few lines I've put together on various occasions and get away with it :P

Music is an expression of life. 
The changing seasons from birth to death.
Some people form the notes of our life, 
Others join along to give rhythm.
    The music moves on
    Scaling ups and downs.
    Eventually the music comes to a stop 
    Yet to start again as another life......
    You bring a smile to my face
    And add sunshine to my days
    You are my happiness and cheer, always.

    You bring a twinkle to my eyes
    Making me feel young and nice
    You are my joy and spirit, always.

    You make me want to do more
    Pushing me on to the fore
    You give me courage and my strength, always.

    If, I were to lose my loves
    A bitter sadness it would arouse,
    And Life would never be the same, anyways.

    I often get pushed unawares,
    Into a dark abyss.
    People call it depression.

    The fall is always rapid.
    But the comeback,
    Slow and tedious.

    Oh Lord! I pray to thee,
    That I never get thrown,
    To the bottomless depth,
    Where there might be no return.

    Heavy downpour yesterday,
    The outcome?
    A swarm of dead may flies
    Scattered at my door step.

    I'm told, everything serves a purpose.
    I don't know what it is,
    But the mayflies seem to have fulfilled theirs.

    Yesterday, is like the first born, 
    Sweet memories cherished fondly.
    Tomorrow, the youngest, 
    Always vying for attention.
    And in the wild race between the two,
    Today, the oft neglected middle child,
    Is lost and forgotten.

    Guess something is better then nothing. Thing is my creativity is directed elsewhere right now ;). It had been cooking  a while ago as proved by my previous post. Then I was busy doing pencil sketches. It then moved on to sewing (:D I got a new sewing machine) and from there to gardening (it ended after my attempts at reviving the rose bushes by pruning them like a pro ended in disaster, sigh!) and right now the craze is crochet. I guess like the hands on the clock it will come back to blogging some time soon and then I'll start blabbering here again. But overall I'm happy and grateful, that I don't sit around and mope over silly things. I'm busy doing something productive and relaxing and most important of all what I love doing. 

    The outcome is that my family is happy. When I'm down, the kids feel down too and it effects the family as a whole. My mother once told me, the family is like a mural painting on a wall. Its beautiful, everybody loves and admires it, but it exists only as long as the wall does. And the lady of the house is that wall. When she crumbles, the family shatters down to bits and pieces. I have the choice to make or break the painting, and I've chosen to be that strong wall that stands and keeps the whole act together. 

    Well, I really need to thank My Dear Friend, whose writing inspires me and whose query (among several others) was what finally led to this post. And I would also like to give a special thanks to this Kind Soul, whose blog inspired me to quit the dark ages (as I call it), make the most of my time and cherish all my blessings.