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Friday, 18 November 2011


I've been fuming with frustration and pent up anger ever since I returned from the class arranged by the RTO Kalpetta, Wayanad. A class for driving students aimed at spreading awareness among drivers. ?????!!!!!

You'll must be wondering what my problem is? I'll enlighten you on how the whole affair was carried out and probably at least some of you will empathize with my sentiments.

The seminar was being conducted at the auditorium of a government school nearby, as part of a road safety campaign. I got there at the campus and the very sight of the structure made me want to puke. Shattered window glasses everywhere, surgical gloves and blood stained cotton swabs (probably left behind after some medical camp conducted there), disposable paper cups,. The inside of the auditorium was no better. The dust accumulation on the table seemed at least 3 inches thick and the above mentioned debris had found its way in there too. The place never seems to have seen soap or water or for that matter even a broom, since the day it was built. The only positive highlight in the entire charade of events was that, the officers arrived promptly and got the lecture started off on time.

The lecture itself was another big hoax and a pure waste of time. This guy goes on and on about the rules to be followed on roads that don't really exist in this part of the state, as though he lives in some other world. And somewhere during the talk he says that it takes only a minute to save the world if mankind joins hands. Now I really felt like throwing up. He never once said what we had to do if  on the center of the road there was a pothole, as big as a volcanic crater which could probably swallow up your entire car. 

I don't know if you city people will understand, but at least 70% of the roads down here are not wide enough for two way traffic. Forget all the bullshit like sign posts and road markings. 50% of the above said roads are filled with potholes almost as wide as the road. Like the epic Bollywood masalas, if we add the N number of ricks and two-wheelers to the above scenario we have almost all the necessary ingredients to cook up an accident. Since there are no footpaths or parking areas, people walk on the roads, cars are often parked on the very same roads too. Now the concoction is complete.

I really don't get it. What's the point in making people spent half a day to listen to crap. Nothing that he said works on the roads we have here. So, I don't understand how this talk was going to be helpful in reducing accidents. Everybody who went there just wanted a seal on their papers that they have attended the talk and the price we pay is sitting around in rubbish listening to even more rubbish for half a day.

I had a hot water bath when I got home. Scrubbed myself for an hour. My body feels clean, but my mind is still reeling from the way things turned out today. One big melodrama. My inability to contribute positively, to make some difference even though in a small small way, only increases my restlessness.

Tomorrow will be another day........

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