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Friday, 18 November 2011


A few quirky facts about me :D

  1. I'm still a hardcore Tom & Jerry fan.
  2. Since I fight with my trio aged 12 to 6 for my share of chocolates and goodies, their father buys everything in 4's now. He claims I'm a 34 going on 4.
  3. I bawl shamelessly when I happen to watch atrocities on TV.
  4. I have a passion for drawing and photography.
  5. I have a phobia of frogs and lizards. If lizards were my enemies during my stay in the UAE, it is the former which is making life hell for me now.
  6. Music influences my mood very strongly. But when I'm feeling down they somehow tend to make me more sad.
  7. Silence and Solitude are my best friends. I prefer writing to speaking. During our honeymoon days, my hubby was perplexed by my uncanny ability to give answers with a bare minimum YES or NO wherever possible. But now he's finally realised that ingrained habits are hard to change.
  8. To avoid arguments I usually debate it out in my mind, thus saving the parties involved, especially me the dilemma of having to actually carry out one.
  9. I'm a night owl and can go without sleep for at least two days in a row. But I hate having to wake up in the early hours of the morning even if I've slept non stop for a week. (I really despise Mr. Atro Srcib for that early bird trait he has. I'll address him as Ascribe if he doesn't mind)
  10. I'm very very self conscious and its taking me a lot of effort to click that Publish button. But since I'm not face to face with anyone, I'm going ahead and doing it.


  1. Ditto for 1, 8 and 9. I can stay awake till 6-7 in the morning. But waking up in the morning is tirture for me!

  2. Concur with you on 1,7 and 8.

    Oh my, I`m already on your hit list, making progress I must say. You may chop that down to AS if it suits your fancy.

  3. SSpiff - Ya, I do remember commenting on your blog about these mind conversations

    AScribe - Don't worry I'm not going to hire any infamous quotation sangam to do away with you. What I undergo every morning to pull myself into a wakeful state is something I really loathe. I'll stick to AScribe I guess.