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Monday, 26 March 2012

The Weighing Scale

I don't know how it works for the others out there, but for me a slight dip in the reading of the weighing scale gives me immense pleasure. Not that I am a Size 0 fanatic or something, but I feel so elated whenever the scale dips, even if its only by a mere 0.5 Kg. I feel so full of glee and guilt free at having lost some weight, that I don't think twice when I sink my teeth into the next calorie loaded yummy thing out there.

My current station usually doesn't permit for the kind of fast food trend I have been previously accustomed to. Since the kids are having their vacations, I've ventured into the world of experimental cooking. Hubby darling not being around helps a lot, coz a hungry testosterone laden male is hardly conducive to experiments in the kitchen. They'd very much prefer the tried and tested fares we lay out, especially during meal times.

My first attempt was at banana cookies because I was craving something really sweet and buttery. Since I had a bunch of fresh ones from the garden lying around, I thought I'd give it a try. (Well, nothing wow about having fresh kelas for Keralites)

Banana Cookies
I made a batch of some 30 cookies, with pure sinful ghee. My trio polished it off in a matter of minutes. Giving me the much needed confidence to present it to my better half, when he comes down next month. :D

The scales didn't seem to be tipping in the right direction, so I decided to eat healthy and grilled fish on my traditional firewood stove, in my next attempt at playing The Chef. I made individual fish wraps with some veggies tossed in to make the thing more HEALTHY. The outcome was simply yummilicious, we had it with white rice.

This weekend I had a thing for Pasta, so went out and made my own Tagliatelle Pasta. The four of us enjoyed the cutting and drying part, but the rolling out bit was a bit tough. The end result, however made up for all the time and energy that went into making the stuff.

So, what I'm actually trying to express here is that anybody can cook (only thing you need is a fairly good recipe, which is available in plenty on the net), provided your heart is involved in the process. 

Churning out meals at breakfast, lunch and dinner, is something I do out of lack of a better choice. Coupling it with my work only makes it an even more tiring job. But on my free days, its a different ball game altogether. I really enjoy the cooking. 

And according to my eldest one, its all a question of presentation, which she proved beyond doubt when she served up my Dosas (from whole wheat flour) and Black eyed beans curry in this fashion. 

It looked so exotic, that everyone ate quietly without my nagging or their complaining. (These Dosas are actually high up there on their Hate list.)

But no matter what the incentive, the number of bartans (dishes) that end up in the sink always gives me nightmares. There are days when I prefer eating out to avoid the pain of having to do the dishes. But, we females (myself and my power puff girls) in the heart of a sleepy village can hardly opt for that. 

Well, my close analysis has thus revealed that it is not the cooking itself that I dread, but having to do the dishes that come in the wake of delivering a nice meal.  High time I invested in a dish washer I guess.

Happy Cooking and Hearty Eating!!!!


  1. The banana cookies look so enticing, its almost like they're inviting me to come and take a bite :P.

    Would be lovely if you could post a recipe for them.

    Happy Experimenting :)

    1. I got the recipe from this site
      Easy Banana Recipes

      Just like the blogging thing, I hope my mood doesn't give up on me

  2. My Dad says, "If you like what you eat, it would never harm you".. so it wont add to your weight too!

    1. Thank you for coming by. Guess your father's right.
      My hubby is of the opinion that, when you eat, eat to your heart's content. Only try and keep those occasions, spaced far apart :D

  3. OMG!! Shadia... I just have to visit you soon! Yumm! And why don't you blog much more?

    1. Plan a trip to tranquil Wayanad. I'll arrange for the food and stay. You are welcome to do the dishes at the end. ;)

      As to the blogging, I guess simply LAZY. I'm working up the momentum, may get over the block and start very soon.

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks for coming by Sia! You know my sister's pet name is Cia (pronounced Sia). That's what I got reminded of when I first saw your comment on some blog. And visiting your site was really worth it. Need to find time to read your other posts. And by the way, the cookies tasted Yumm too!

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