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Thursday, 1 March 2012


For every post that I publish I always seem to have two in the pipeline. And this is one of those, which I actually started writing sometime last year. Procrastination and me and conjoined twins so its pretty tough to escape that bad guy.

I had made an escape from the harsh world of reality to my blissful (though virtual) blogging world. But once again, I was sucked back into the deep cauldron of life, where several things were brewing and boiling and brimming over. Its taken me almost 3 months, but whew! I've just made a short escape back, as we do in our dreams............

That blissful state in sleep where we live out the unknown. Some days you live out the serene and beautiful life of a princess. Other nights you might have aliens chasing you down mysterious passage ways.

Once, when my sister was just a kid she'd stopped midway through explaining her dream telling me to continue since she couldn't remember what happened after that point. Everybody had turned to her in surprise, but she was even more shell shocked when she learnt that people you see in your dreams aren't actually there. So there's no way I could help her out in recounting the escapade. And it took a lot of convincing to make her accept the fact.

Its been so long since I started out on this post that I've really lost my actual train of thought.

The other day my daughter was preparing for her declamation. They had to take excerpts from famous speeches and present it in class. She'd chosen a passage from the legendary speech by Martin Luther King Jr. "I have a dream"

That speech though given in 1963, seems to be relevant in some context even today. He declares at the end of the speech 

"Free at last! Free at last!
Thank God Almighty, we are free at last!"

May be we have managed to evade the grasp of racism to an extend. But, even toady are we really free? As liberated as that merry beggar, whom the king had come across in his search for happiness? I seriously doubt that. We are either in the clutches of society's countless encumbering ways of life, traditions and prejudices. Or are ill-fated and addicted to various soporific substances or even worse consumed by the greed for power, money, social status. Doomed by jealousy. The bad and mean things in life are simply endless. The Pandora's box of evils.

We have countries who are busy developing nuclear warfare while millions suffer without the very basic amenities like food and water. We have people who are concerned about their looks and are busy getting a nose job or botox injection and setting fashion trends, when there are thousands out there who lack education, shelter, healthcare and are struggling to make ends meet.

Charity! Some of us give away money, in the name of charity. But is that enough? Is that the solution? Does that money actually reach the one's who deserve it? Have you ever stopped and thought about it? What's the use of all that money if there is no compassionate soul to make a gesture where it counts. To love, to share, to care..... 

I know, we are all pretending to be in that dream like state where we simply close our eyes and escape away to a world away from these harsh realities. While the rest go through the nightmare of having to lead the life of the less fortunate.


  1. Nice facelift to the blog, I see.

    The - 'I have a dream speech' is indeed timeless.

    1. Timeless indeed.

      I'd been away a real long time. And I see all my regular blogs including yours sporting trendy new looks. So not wanting to be left behind, I did some quick fix on mine too.