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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Hearty Welcome to the Newbies

Inspired by my writing that goes in fits and starts, my daughter has started a blog :D

It was fun watching her check out names for her blog. After 5 attempts she was losing hope of coming up with a name. Most of the names she came up with were already taken. She would immediately go and check out that blog. The last post on most of them were dated anywhere between 2001 and 2005. She gets frustrated and angry at all those people who have started out with the blog name she wants and then not bothered to maintain the blog.

She put up her first post a few days back.
A Day Yet to Come

And I'm wondering what the fate of the blog will be, few years down the road. Will the enthusiasm fade and the blog wilt away like the ones she had checked out. I'll have to wait and see.

Their school has a blog, but she has always been hesitant to express her views out there. When she went ahead with this blog, I was curious about the sudden change in attitude. Her smart ass reply was, "Out in the blogging world, no one knows me personally, so I have a sense of security. What I write will hold a level of anonymity"

Very true! Coz it gave a shy person like me the courage to venture out expressing my thoughts. Whether people read it or not, you have expressed yourself and that makes a big difference.

And while I'm on the subject of newbies in the blogging world....
here's one I liked reading
Mental Distortion


  1. For a 13-year old, your daughter writes remarkably well. I hope she continues and hones her skill.

    1. I bet she'll be on cloud nine if she reads this.

  2. Totally with Spiff on this - her writing has maturity; I didn't know what a blog was when I was 13. So she's way ahead of me in the game.

    Now that the mother-daughter duo is blogging, can we expect more frequent posting?

  3. Well, this is the hi-tech age.
    I didn't know how to use a computer back then.
    My 6 year happily manages to use Paint, Word and at least two tabs open in Chrome at the same time, while listening to songs on the Media Player!!!
    Ya, hope to post more regularly, but project deadlines coupled with managing the household sometimes makes it impossible.

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