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Sunday, 16 October 2011

Managers in the making

I sometimes get the feel that I have 3 managers in training at my house. And it irks me big time. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr......

Ok, now what basically do managers do? "They control or direct an institution or operation", says the dictionary. And in my personal opinion, a manager is one, who not only ascertains that his subordinate is loaded to the max, but also never appreciates his/ her efforts. And off course blame them for all the failures in an operation.
Now where do my managers come in? I'll explain. I have 3 angels, who are perfect (OK, not so flawless actually) until you ask them to do something. The moment I ask my eldest one to help me out with something, I hear her yelling out to her younger ones and breaking down the task, assigning them to do it. Three people being there on the job I hope something will come out of it.

Ha! And what do I see when I come in? Nothings accomplished. I call out my eldest who had been initially handed the job and there comes a plethora of excuses, explaining how she had very effectively and promptly appointed the second one to do this and the third one to do that and that its their incompetency that has left the task unaccomplished. This leads to a big drama with one pointing the finger at the other, a lot of screaming, wailing and a little bickering too. Which leaves me wondering why I called them in for help in the first place.
There's no one to blame too. Their excuses go something like the...Anybody was supposed to do it, but Everybody thought that Somebody would do it and then Nobody did it.
I don't know about you, but I think I get some idea of what really happens in some of those big corporate offices or better still in our ever efficient government offices.
So, with 3 people helping me around the house, I end up doing more than my fair share of the work. And add to that the mess that comes from their attempts at assistance. I prefer to make do with their moral support these days. You know the big broad smiles, hugs and affectionate kisses. Its a lot better deal to strike out, compared to the horrible hardship of being a manager.


  1. The best use people put their index fingers to is to point it at someone else. :)

  2. Nice.
    you have given the pacca definition of managers.

  3. @Spaceman - That's very very true

  4. @Melaaz - When did you become so knowledgeable about Managers?

  5. Melaaz is the head manager and she hereby admits to the discrepancies and her whole-hearted attempt to dump her work on someone else. :D

    1. Hey! What happened to the previous blog? Initially I was wondering who had so precisely cornered the head manager.