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Thursday, 4 August 2011

Click Away

Its always amazing how an old snap manages to open the flood gates of memory. You may have forgotten a few names, but the faces even after all these years stay put.

I happened to post an aged school photo on fb and the response it generated was so overwhelming. It gave me a chance to connect with so many long lost friends and classmates. The magic that photo spawned still lingers on the fb pages.

It took us all back to those care free days where the only thing that mattered was us, the only responsibility our books. Gone is the freedom, gone too is the innocence and trust. But it makes you feel young and vibrant and like a fantasy lets you escape into that world where you were just you and all that mattered was just you.

Makes a refreshing change from the inexcusable duties bound to you. Studying could always be done tomorrow, right?. Sitting in a row and doing last minute eecha(fly) copying assignments from the guy or gal next to you, who in turn might be doing the same. Night outs, black coffee and cramming for exams on the last possible day. The wonderful practice of procrastinating. Really miss those days.

But unfortunately, lax is not tolerated very well in adult life.
Wanna bet! Try keeping that report submission for the last day of your deadline and you'll experience the unbelievable load of work that needs to get done on that very same day or better still your kid chooses to fall ill that morning and you have a splitting headache to add to that list.

Oh! Talking of kids don't ask what a little laziness could cost you on the home front. Urgggggghhhhh!
I postpone the laundry for a day and guess what, whatever it is in that laundry basket is the essential item for the following day. You put off doing the dishes in your sink or making the bed or clearing up washed laundry or all of it one day and Presto! Ding dong goes your door bell. And whose there at the door? Who other than your Mother in law or that wonderful overzealous neighbour you wanted to impress. Only if the floor would gape open and just swallow me up. Adult life truly is pathetic and embarrassing.

And I thought I was embarrassed when I was caught bunking classes or jumping school compound walls. Thinking back, that was really hip and something to be proud of. A feather in my cap!!!
There may be no photos, but the images are sure imprinted into our minds. A snap to pull out from your memory, to muse over and store back. To be retrieved again when you need a much wanted break.
A strange smile playing on your lips.

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  1. its nice,and the content is very true.I too miss all those moments with buddies