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Saturday, 2 July 2011

Nacl = Mother

"Father, I love you like meat loves salt!" The first time I read that, I really thought the girl was crazy. No wonder she had to face the wrath of her father. (King Lear and his youngest daughter Cordelia from Shakespeare). 

Now that I've started cooking (and making guinea pigs out of my unsuspecting hubby and kids) I perceive the true power of salt. The all so important, common Salt or NaCl in the chemist's language is truly a power to reckon with. (I wonder who coined the term, it should have been Emperor Salt or Royal Salt). 

My Chicken Biriyani is a pinch short of salt and all for want of a pinch of salt, my whole days effort goes down the drain. Oh and don't ask what happens, if it was the other way round, then its just plain ruined. No chance of even salvaging the dish. Salt the almighty ingredient.

But, come to think of it, no one exclaims, "The salt is just perfect!" Its always the chicken or the bhindi or something that takes credit. Poor salt, only works backstage.

Some people in life are like salt. And what comes to mind, is my mother. And I miss her proximity and regret having complained about the smothering indulgence. Neatly folded stacks of laundry, polished shoes and all matching pairs of socks in the draws, a sparkling house, yummy dishes served not only to you but friends you bring along (unannounced). A warm glass of milk on nights you have to sit up late and study, ..... 

I could go on and on, its a never ending list. Now that I'm on the other side of the stage, I realise what it must have been like to keep things going that wonderfully. (Not that I can hold a candle to her).

We never realize how much they put up with to keep things really smooth and oiled for us. We complain about the food, about the clothes she bought, about why she has to worry her head if I was five minutes late from school, why she insists on making me eat breakfast before dashing out of the house EVERY single morning.... They never give up!

And now a decade later I perceive what she was doing, by always being there for me. She was being the salt in my life. Thoughtful, caring, loving,..... adding taste to my life!

Mom! I love you like salt!

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